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We're creating a crowding funding campaign to help schools and parents get our plates

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Mealtimes are the ultimate live performance, it's the live show that all of us attend the most. So let's make them ROCK..."ROCKing Mealtimes"... now showing 3 times daily at Home and at School.

Mealtimes are special. It's where really important learning takes place: the informal attitudes and signals that we send to one another; because kids copy us and they copy each other. 

We're Creating a Crowdfunding Campaign to help Schools and Parents to get our plates and Unite the School and Home Team Effort

Contact us david@TimesTablePlates.com or joanna@TimesTablePlates.com - or call 01273 906603 - if you would like your school or local authority to be included in the campaign

Teachers are Great! But they can't do everything on their own... It's a Team Effort!

Teachers need support in the home because a truly great education is a Team Effort. School and the home. Not intense or scary pressure because we know that that can be counter-productive.  Just low level background support and affirmation of positive, Team attitudes like: "It's good to eat healthy food together", "It's good to sit down at the same time at mealtimes and share that special time, together; to chat about our family's world and your world and, maybe, the wider world around us", "It's good to ask questions", "It's OK if you don't know answers. Did you know that getting things wrong actually grows more connections in your brain than getting things right! So don't be afraid to ask or look it up because it's the asking that makes your brain grow, and in the end, you'll get it right!".

Hosting Good Mealtimes, the most important of all family Life-Skills?

Hosting, being part of, and contributing towards good, healthy mealtimes is in itself a life-skill that children and their families need to practice; both at home and at school with teachers, perhaps, one day, even dedicated mealtimes teachers? What healthy food should we eat? Why? How can I say something interesting at the table? Why is listening central to a good conversation? How not to be boring? Why getting angry generally gets you nowhere; Learning how searching inside yourself to discover the real reason why you are getting angry, makes you stronger than you ever imagined; Learning that saying sorry is the key to recovering your dignity when tempers do get heated - which is normal!

Everything needs Practice

Everything needs practice and developing good conversational and social habits at mealtimes builds confidence in children to share, discuss, ask and tackle the challenges in their lives.

Don't let them Miss Out on this wonderful opportunity

Doing nothing special at mealtimes is to miss out on a wonderful opportunity to build-up the spirit of the team around every child, the Team Spirit of your family and the Team Spirit of your school. We all know that, no matter what the goals we set ourselves, they are easier to achieve with a team around you, helping you to get over the line.

Easier said than done

Of course, making mealtimes special is easier said than done: it's not in every family's or every school's culture or DNA, but that is not to say that now is not a good time to start. But how and where? How can we make mealtimes ROCK at home, and at school?

We need Something Simple, direct and easily understood which unites mealtimes at home and at school around a common cause 

Why not use the plates from which we eat as a single, unifying and above all simple symbol to carry the empowering message that mealtimes at school and at home are precious and special, and why not pick the nation's unhealthy and damaging attitude to Maths, as the cause celebre which we are going to use to unite the School and Home Teams, at mealtimes, to resolve, once and for all?