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 A teacher, Year 2:

"These plates really do work! Using them at lunch, the children are keen to engage one another with multiplication problems. I will also be using them as a classroom resource, collecting groups of objects on the appropriate multiplication plate for younger children; using as a testing tool for older children where they can teach their partner using the dots around the edge and the table in the centre if they get the answer wrong. Great for classroom and dining hall at school. Well done and thank you!"

Parent in Cumbria:

"My daughters received a couple of your plates for Christmas. I just wanted you to know that they are a great success and I am definitely going to buy the whole set. I am all for products that encourage children to be enthusiastic about learning for themselves without parents having to push them into it. These are brilliant!"
Lord TWELVE Tles
       Lord TWELVE Tales

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Professor ONE Hoot Madame TWO Moos Sister THREE Baas Rooster FOUR-mi-da-ble
Professor ONE Hoot beaker Madame TWO Moos beaker Sister THREE Baas beaker Rooster FOUR-mi-da-ble beaker
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Porky FIVE Bellies Monsieur SIX-y Tiny SEVEN Squeaks Bugsy EIGHT Hops
Porky FIVE Bellies beaker Monsieur Six-y beaker Tiny SEVEN Squeaks beaker Bugsy EIGHT Hops beaker
Duke NINE Bills Goatee TEN Beards Inspector ELEVEN Lord TWELVE Tales
Duke NINE Bills beaker Goatee TEN Beards Beaker Inspector ELEVEN beaker Lord TWELVE Tales beaker

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Introducing unique
Times Table Beakers

Each of the 12 Times Table Beakers features one of the wonderful characters who are collectively called "theMultiples"
Goatee TEN Beards

Goatee TEN Beards

Inspector ELEVEN
Inspector ELEVEN