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  • Hello, I’m Professor One Hoot. I am a 
scientist and I work in Berlin. Of course I love ze number one. As you will see, it is a very clever, sophisticated and scientific number,  but it is especially poignant for me for ze pure, emotional reason that ze number one stands for Unity, of which my beloved, once divided city, Berlin, is a shining example to ze world. Of course I believe too zat science holds ze answer to all things but you have to look very closely for zes answers and keep a very open mind. Remember, ze universe is much, much stranger in reality zan people think!
  • Hello Darlings! My name is Madame Two Moos.  I live in Darwin, Australia and I just love the number Two. I guess I’m one of life’s happy cows really because I like to keep things simple: just do everything in Twos darlings and you'll be fine: Eating - I’ve got Two Tummies! - talking, dancing, counting, marrying! ‘It takes Two to Tango Darling’ I always say to my friends when they get themselves in a stew, always blaming someone else for all their problems. Ouch!, how they make simple things complicated by not searching for the other side of everything.
  • Hello, my name is Sister Three Baas. I’ve been working in hospitals since I was 16 and have just been promoted! Working in a hospital means I have seen many things: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and so often has one followed the other, that I now think of just about everything in Threes. For example, don’t all stories have a beginning, a middle and an end? See what I mean? It's not that I love Three so much as I feel that that's just the way things are. Now I’ve found out that knowledge itself is discovered in three ways, through Logic, Science and Revelation, so I want to find out even more about 3. Let’s do it together!
  • Bonjour. Je suis Rooster FourMidable, pronounced 4-mi-daahhh-ber-le. I am a Canadian Mountie. I love my country, my French ancestry and especially Napolean Bonaparte, one-time Emperor of La Belle France! People say zat I am unconquerable in my search for ze truth in zes matters and in my job, defending ze realm and it’s glorious values: “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”. In fact I love history so much zat I have a little obsession with Time itself, ze Fourze Dimension, and zerefore everyzing to do with ze Number 4. I think zat you will find it fascinating too when you listen to all my stories about ze number 4.
  • Hold up! My name is Porky Five Bellies - no prizes for guessing why! I bet you’d be surprised how good life can be as a pig! I don’t mind my nick-name or what some people fink of me, ‘cos I know different. Lots of people love pigs just as they are and so I’m proud to be a Pig and proud to be called Five Bellies. In fact the number Five has become so special to me, that I’ve now found out all about it. I mean have you ever thought why it is that just about all amphibians, reptiles and mammals have five fingers or toes on each side? Why Five? I’ll tell you the answer in one of my 12 stories about the number 5.
  • Bonjour mes amis. I am Monsieur Six-y, so called because I ‘ave always Six Ladies in my life - but I zink zat is normal, n’est pas? Afterall, I am a dog! Certainly I love zis number 6. In fact zes ladies are my grand mozair, my mozair, sister, my boss and of course always, a couple of lady-friends. Naturellement ces femmes keep me occupied to keep me out of ze trouble, but I don’t mind. Of course I am still a dog, and between you and me, je suis toujours on ze look out to snaffle a little bit extra, of whatever iz going, when zes lady minders aren't looking. So I zink you will find my stories about my 6 ladies, how you say, ‘charmant’.
  • Buongiourno. My name is Tiny Seven Squeeks but as you can see I am not tiny and I don’t squeek. It is an ironic name because I am known throughout Sicilia for my quiet, calm, but tough attitude to life and business. I had to learn the hard way and so now I say “Dreams are for when you are older, wiser or in heaven. Life is for business. For now.” I am proud of my fishing family because we were poor but we saw beautiful things and ate wonderful fish suppers, especially on the Feast of Seven Fishes, which we have celebrated for many centuries on 24th December. My stories about 7 talk of old myths and magic. And go back to when the world began
  • Hi, I live in Beijing where last Olympics were opened 8 seconds, 8 minutes past 8 pm on 8 August 2008 because eight is very lucky number in China! I too was born 8 seconds, 8 minutes past 8 pm on 8 August, in the year of Rabbit (’87), in room 8, of Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, at 8-A Wanming Road, on 8th floor. So I must be doubly lucky rabbit with all those eights and Year of Rabbit - which is lucky year too! Of course my name is Bugsy Eight Hops and all my stories about eight will teach you how lucky people, and especially Rabbit people, create own luck, as well as having a knack for being lucky.
  • Howdy y’all? My name is Duke, I said Duke, Nine Bills. I come from Nashville, US of A. Why Nine Bills? I hear ya say. ‘Cos I got me Nine bills - duck bill, dollar bills, Treasury bills, bar bills, shopping bills, mortgage bills, tax bills, doctor’s bills, and last but by no means least, my ex wives’ d-i-v-o-r-c-e bills. But, hey, ya only live once don’t ya? Folks say I gotta happy-go-lucky personality and a tabloid view o’ the world but that don’t bother me none, see? The only thing I don’t quite get, what with all the blessings the Lord gave me, is why can’t I keep me a good lady wife! So perhaps y’all can tell me if you listen to my stories about my nine bills?
  • Hello, my name is Goatee Ten Beards and I live on the roof of the world, high up in the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal. I take my name from the many beards - roughly ten - that I have all over my body, especially the two types of hair on my tummy which are used to make those beautiful Pashmina wool shawls worn by women everywhere. For this and many other reasons which I shall teach you, I love the number ten. Of course living so high-up in the world I can see many things very far away, but this is also true if you live a full spiritual life, seeking out your mind’s highest places. So my stories will illuminate 12 different paths towards your mind’s highest places.
  • Bonjour mes amis. Yes, it’s Inspector Eleven, at your service!  I live in Brussels, and often work on unsolved mysteries for the Community European. Eleven is the first number which cannot be counted on a human's two hands, it is the missing digit, the unknown factor, the vital clue. I am famous for my catch phrase “we must search for the missing factor”. Hence my name. I am highly curious, intelligent andforensic but I am aware of a missing factor in my own character: I cannot feel emotion. So I can be mischievous with people, un peu, to see what makes them tick, often guessing their next move. In my stories about eleven, I search for the true meaning and source of emotions.
  • Hello, I’m Lord Twelve Tales and I live in a very old castle in Ireland. I love the number Twelve, because it was the official distance -“Twelve score Law” - between hare and hound, in all those ‘Coursing’ races many years ago - but sure wouldn’t I not be here if my family hadn’t survived all those races! Which gives me very 'special' genes I think! And many a long tale to tell! So now, if you read my ‘Twelve Tales about Twelve’, not only will you know everything there is to know about Twelve but you will also see how my family survived all those races, by using all their ‘Intelligences’. You can become wise too, just like me!
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Product Description

1 exquisite 25 cm plate featuring one of the 12 Times Table characters - 'theMultiples' - to help your family to learn their Times Tables in a low profile and fun way.

Times tables are the key foundation stone towards a life long proficiency in Maths and natural affinity for numbers.

High quality 100% melamine with glossy finish. Designed in UK. Dishwasher safe.

Not for microwave (as with all melamine products). Delivery in 48 hours normally

You might like to know that it's cheaper to buy the plates as a set of three, six or nine or twelve pieces.

Here are our recommended sets of three, which match the new National Curriculum guidelines:

Starter:                Age 1 to 5:       x1,     x2,   x10
Early Years:        Age 6:               x3,    x4,    x5
Intermediate:     Age 7:               x6,    x7,    x8
Expert:                Age 8+              x9,  x11,   x12