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Parent in Cumbria:
"My daughters received a couple of your plates for Christmas. I just wanted you to know that they are a great success and I am definitely going to buy the whole set. I am all for products that encourage children to be enthusiastic about learning for themselves without parents having to push them into it. These are brilliant!''

Jill Reception teacher:
'The initial response was fabulous, but what I find more impressive is that the children remain delighted with the plates and their characters...these plates have bought times tables to light....what an ingenious learning tool, and the children don't even realise they're learning.

Headteacher, Goldthorpe Primary School, Barnsley:
“The plates and dishes are extremely engaging and this is so vital for our children. Moreover, we are certain that the exposure to multiplication facts over lunch is having a positive impact on the children’s instant recall. It is very satisfying to listen to the children challenging each other to remember their times tables over lunch!

The transformation of lunchtime provision has also had a significant impact on behaviour which has been judged by the LA and an external HMI as ‘outstanding’ and we are currently hosting other schools to come and have a look at the quality of our provision. Your multiplication crockery really has added to the overall high quality of what we are aiming to provide for our children here at Goldthorpe.”

Jane: Grandparent
"My grandson is 20 months old and the plates came yesterday. He went through the lot and we started with plate 1 and the numbers. We actually got to six with him repeating. Absolutely chuffed! Brilliant idea.'

Becca: Parent
'My whole family enjoy the times tables plates. Even my one year old uses them (plates have survived being thrown on the floor many times). Using these plates remind us to use numbers as often as possible during mealtimes. Well worth the money, would highly recommend.

Headmaster of Pre-prep in London:
"The boys just love them and enjoy testing themselves after they have finished eating. I would highly recommend these plates to both families and schools.... there cannot be a better way to learn your tables'

A teacher, Year 2:
"These plates really do work! Using them at lunch, the children are keen to engage one another with multiplication problems. I will also be using them as a classroom resource, collecting groups of objects on the appropriate multiplication plate for younger children; using as a testing tool for older children where they can teach their partner using the dots around the edge and the table in the centre if they get the answer wrong. Great for classroom and dining hall at school. Well done and thank you!"re a fun and very effective way for children to learn their tables with family and friends around the dining table in a relaxed and social environment. With these unique plates children can easily absorb their tables almost unconsciously and the sense of achievement will remain with them for life.


Family 12 Piece Dining Set