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Jill Reception teacher:

'The initial response was fabulous, but what I find more impressive is that the children remain delighted with the plates and their characters...these plates have bought times tables to light....what an ingenious learning tool, and the children don't even realise they're learning.

Jane: Grandparent

"My grandson is 20 months old and the plates came yesterday. He went through the lot and we started with plate 1 and the numbers. We actually got to six with him repeating. Absolutely chuffed! Brilliant idea.'

The Times Newspaper

"The Multiples is a new way to learn tables, and a simple one. It’s simply a series of melamine plates, each of which contains a different times table. So, why not eat and learn?"

Professor ONE Hoot
          Professor ONE Hoot

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Buy this huge, beautifully produced, A0 size, First Edition, Times Tables Wall Poster featuring all 12 of the wonderful, new theMultiples characters to help your family or class to learn their all-important Times Tables in a fun and social way. Each poster is individually signed by the authors and the illustrator. Fantastic value at only


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Helping to Teach the all-important Times Tables in a fun and social way around the family dining
table, with our exquisite, hand designed theMultiples' dinner plates and around the house with our beautiful poster.

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Coming Soon! The first 12 stories in the 12  part series describing the adventures of the 12 wonderful new characters - theMultiples!

Follow their stories as they search for each other in an epic quest to understand the meaning of the universe, the evolution of intelligence, and the future of The World!

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Introducing unique
Times Table Plates:

Each of the 12 Times Table Plates features one of the wonderful characters who are collectively called "theMultiples"
Rooster 4-midable

Rooster Four-mi-da-ble

Bugsy Eight Hops
Bugsy EIGHT Hops