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Set of 6 Later Years Times Table Plates

  • Bonjour mes amis. I am Monsieur Six-y, so called because I ‘ave always Six Ladies in my life - but I zink zat is normal, n’est pas? Afterall, I am a dog! Certainly I love zis number 6. In fact zes ladies are my grand mozair, my mozair, sister, my boss and of course always, a couple of lady-friends. Naturellement ces femmes keep me occupied to keep me out of ze trouble, but I don’t mind. Of course I am still a dog, and between you and me, je suis toujours on ze look out to snaffle a little bit extra, of whatever iz going, when zes lady minders aren't looking. So I zink you will find my stories about my 6 ladies, how you say, ‘charmant’.
  • Buongiourno. My name is Tiny Seven Squeeks but as you can see I am not tiny and I don’t squeek. It is an ironic name because I am known throughout Sicilia for my quiet, calm, but tough attitude to life and business. I had to learn the hard way and so now I say “Dreams are for when you are older, wiser or in heaven. Life is for business. For now.” I am proud of my fishing family because we were poor but we saw beautiful things and ate wonderful fish suppers, especially on the Feast of Seven Fishes, which we have celebrated for many centuries on 24th December. My stories about 7 talk of old myths and magic. And go back to when the world began
  • Hi, I live in Beijing where last Olympics were opened 8 seconds, 8 minutes past 8 pm on 8 August 2008 because eight is very lucky number in China! I too was born 8 seconds, 8 minutes past 8 pm on 8 August, in the year of Rabbit (’87), in room 8, of Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, at 8-A Wanming Road, on 8th floor. So I must be doubly lucky rabbit with all those eights and Year of Rabbit - which is lucky year too! Of course my name is Bugsy Eight Hops and all my stories about eight will teach you how lucky people, and especially Rabbit people, create own luck, as well as having a knack for being lucky.
  • Howdy y’all? My name is Duke, I said Duke, Nine Bills. I come from Nashville, US of A. Why Nine Bills? I hear ya say. ‘Cos I got me Nine bills - duck bill, dollar bills, Treasury bills, bar bills, shopping bills, mortgage bills, tax bills, doctor’s bills, and last but by no means least, my ex wives’ d-i-v-o-r-c-e bills. But, hey, ya only live once don’t ya? Folks say I gotta happy-go-lucky personality and a tabloid view o’ the world but that don’t bother me none, see? The only thing I don’t quite get, what with all the blessings the Lord gave me, is why can’t I keep me a good lady wife! So perhaps y’all can tell me if you listen to my stories about my nine bills?
  • Bonjour mes amis. Yes, it’s Inspector Eleven, at your service!  I live in Brussels, and often work on unsolved mysteries for the Community European. Eleven is the first number which cannot be counted on a human's two hands, it is the missing digit, the unknown factor, the vital clue. I am famous for my catch phrase “we must search for the missing factor”. Hence my name. I am highly curious, intelligent andforensic but I am aware of a missing factor in my own character: I cannot feel emotion. So I can be mischievous with people, un peu, to see what makes them tick, often guessing their next move. In my stories about eleven, I search for the true meaning and source of emotions.
  • Hello, I’m Lord Twelve Tales and I live in a very old castle in Ireland. I love the number Twelve, because it was the official distance -“Twelve score Law” - between hare and hound, in all those ‘Coursing’ races many years ago - but sure wouldn’t I not be here if my family hadn’t survived all those races! Which gives me very 'special' genes I think! And many a long tale to tell! So now, if you read my ‘Twelve Tales about Twelve’, not only will you know everything there is to know about Twelve but you will also see how my family survived all those races, by using all their ‘Intelligences’. You can become wise too, just like me!
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Product Description

Later Years:                 Age 7 to 8+       x6, x7, x8, x9, x11, x12

A set of Six exquisite Times Table plates, with hand-painted design , featuring one of 'the Multiples' characters, for children aged 8-11.

Includes six, seven, eight, nine, ten. eleven and twelve Times Table Plates for children who are more advanced with their tables. These unique plates each feature one of the wonderful "the Multiples" characters to help children learn their tables in a relaxed and social environment with family and friends. They are a perfect learning aid for Years 3, 4 and 5.

Children get involved with the characters and absorb their tables almost unconsciously, even those who have shown no particular interest before. With these fun plates, children can easily learn the harder times tables which will benefit them for life. The sense of achievement they feel from this will encourage them to go on confidently to other areas of maths.

They makes a perfect and educational present for children for Birthdays, Christmas or Christenings.

made from:

Top quality melamine with glossy finish. Designed in the UK. Dishwasher proof but not for use in microwaves.


25cm x 25cm